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Paul van Dyk Picks His All-Time Gallery Classics

As Paul gears up for his first return to London since his hospitalisation, these are the tracks he's putting in his bag.

The Gallery faithful will be out in force this Friday September 23rd, for Paul van Dyk’s homecoming to The Box

The magnitude of an already special occasion increased with this being Paul’s first London appearance since recovering from injury. Harnessing the mass outpouring of emotion from around the world, to defy medical odds and return to Ministry for this eagerly anticipated comeback gig. Paul is planning an extra special performance to thank Londoners for their support, we truly hope you can join and contribute to the hero's welcome, for one of The Gallery’s greatest ambassadors. 

In honour of such an historic event, Paul has put together his all time favourite Gallery anthems.

Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Paul van Dyk – "We Are"

Alex & I finally found time to get back into the studio together We picked right up from where we left off (with In Between’s "Get Back" & "In Circles").

Paul van Dyk & Vega 4 – "Time Of Our Lives"

This track was the first time I recorded with Johnny McDaid, back when he was in the band, Vega 4. We became good friends after it and five years later he went on to sing on "Home".

Paul van Dyk Feat. Sue McLaren - "Lights"

Sue’s voice is completely unforgettable. The lyrics to "Lights" are a quite metaphorical & figurative. They’re also quite wistful and haunting. When I came to produce it, I had to make sure it was well balanced and that none of her atmosphere was lost.

Paul van Dyk – "For An Angel"

Everyone always expects me to play this track it has become one of those iconic tracks that if I would not included in my set a PvD night would not be complete.

Paul van Dyk Feat Johnny McDaid – "Home"

"Home" gets every bit as big a reaction as "For An Angel" these days. It has all the power, energy and drive of "Angel", but the song, and especially the chorus, just tips it over the edge.

Paul has guaranteed an airing for all of the above when he takes the helm this Friday, get your tickets here.

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Written by The Gallery

20 Sep 2016