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"Several Million" Cash Found In Pacha And Ushuaia Raid

Also Deadmau5 and DJ Snake enter prank war and a new study proves music makes beer taste better.

Everything you missed from the world of dance music this weekend

Police Find "Several Million" Euros Raiding Pacha And Ushuaia

As part of a state operation into alleged tax avoidance, Pacha and Ushuaia have become the latest targets of police raids. Police entered the clubs on Friday morning as a continuation of "Operation Chopin" - which has already seen raids on Space, Privilege and Amnesia, with the latter resulting in the arrest of the owner. According to reports, agents spent most of Friday counting cash in both venues, with reports of "several million" being found.

Justice Played First Performance Since Dropping New Material

It's been a busy few weeks for Justice. They've dropped two tracks from their forthcoming album, along with revealing said album's artwork, title and release date. On Thursday Mixmag announced that the celebrated duo would be the cover stars for their next issue and that they'd be performing at Mixmag live the very next day. We went along on Friday and we can confirm that Justice are back in a big way.

Deadmau5 And DJ Snake Are Having A Prank War

Bored millionaire news now, as Deadmau5 and DJ Snake have apparently entered a public prank war. The war was apparently kicked off when DJ Snake stole snakes from Axwell /\ Ingrosso's dressing room at EDC Mexico. Both artists were in Tokyo for Ultra Japan over the weekend and Deadmau5 took the opportunity to start a prank war. Capturing the whole event on social media, Deadmau5 entered Snake's dressing room, took a bottle of whiskey, changed the sign on the door to read 'DJ Snack'. Deadmau5 also left the above not for the Frenchman, apparently insinuating that Snake plays pre-recorded sets. DJ Snake has yet to respond.


Study Shows Music Makes Beer Taste Better

According to a new study published in Frontiers in Psychology, beer drinking is a multi-sensory experience that is improved with music. The research took 200 beer drinkers, split into groups, with some receiving an unlabelled beer in silence, some a labeled beer in silence, and others received a labeled beer served to music. It was found that individuals had greater enjoyment of their beverage while listening to music, especially so if the drinker was already familiar with the song being played.

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19 Sep 2016