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5 Acts Who Will Make Oasis The Festival Of The Summer

A team of all stars are taking over Morocco this weekend.

UK festivals are the best, really truly they are, but there’s only so much waking up with back ache in a tent with a leaky roof you can take

It’s why I was drawn to discovering Oasis. A wide stake to claim with such an aspirational name, its desert setting and blissful line up made me hawk eye Oasis in its inaugural year last September.

Curators have gone for quality over quantity on acts, and by quality, we’re talking child prodigies over picked first first for the team. These are the cream on the full fat milk; the stand outs from every festival you wish you’d been to this summer.

The perfect thing about Oasis is that it’s as not so much got a ‘must see’ line up as a ‘will see’ lineup. With two stages and no clashes, attendees can glide from The Arena to The Oasis stages from the hours of 4pm until 8 in the morning, watching unadulterated sets from some of dance music’s finest. 

These are the five who we're falling over our feet to see.


Dusky have been playing kiss chase with us all summer long. Teased tracks from their new album have come in "Sort It Out Sharon" - a deep cut that features Wiley on the vocals, and the recently released "Long Wait" - a yearner of a track that sort of sounds like it was made for the Moroccan desert. We’re expecting pre-release energy and excitement from the pair, who will release their second record, Outer on September 30th.

The Black Madonna

It’s been a phenomenal couple of years for The Black Madonna, a woman who is living proof that self-confidence will get you to where you believe you should be. I have fully expect that I’ll be in the middle of a trance when she plays her set on Saturday 12.30; and if she’s taught me anything, I’m going to proved right.


Oasis organisers haven’t ignored Dixon’s number one in the world status, as he’s been giving a covetable four-hour slot to close Friday night with. Following on from Bicep, it’ll undoubtedly be a Friday night tone setter like no other.

Omar Souleyman

One of the few performing artists on the bill, Syrian wedding singer Omar Souleyman is one of the most elusive acts at Oasis. His festival sets are regularly cancelled and reorganised due to visa restrictions, and the language barrier means that he doesn’t communicate with Western audiences outside of a ‘thank you’ at the end. Closer to home and in a perhaps more familiar climate, it’ll be interesting to see if his performance remains its stoical self, or if there’s another level to be seen from Souleyman.

Helena Hauff

We were blown away by Helena Hauff’s penultimate set at the end of Farr festival, so to think we’re getting a replay in an entirely different setting is an enticing prospect.

Oasis Festival runs From 16th - 18th September, tickets and more info here.

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Written by Tamara Roper

14 Sep 2016