Major players step forward in the aftermath of fabric's Closure

Picking apart what’s left in the aftermath of fabric’s closure

There’s been no calm after the storm worthy news of fabric’s closure.

It’s a subject that won’t go quietly, not whilst DJ's and clubbers who've had their weekend’s made worthy are still around to care.

Amongst the angry tweets, online debates and lengthy personal tributes, there have been a handful of dignitaries who have been leading the headlines with their takes on the situation.

Big man and nightlife veteran Goldie was brought on to Channel 4 as a talking head, speaking with ferocity about the club’s closure. “I wonder if the likes of me, Jazzy B, Norman Jay, Pete Tong for that matter should trade in our MBE’s, melt them down, to put behind a pencil pusher’s coffee” he said, referring to the medals they’d all won for services to music and young people.

In the meantime, a search went out for the track that was used as the soundbed on the video Channel 4 made for Facebook, featuring Goldie speaking about the closure. Amateur detectives on a popular social media group got in touch with Channel 4, and found the track to be the one below- bravo. Even in it’s death, fabric still manages to bring some good new music to the forefront.

David Nutt, a long-time supporter of the legalisation of drugs like those behind the deaths of the two men who overdosed at fabric, has eloquently re-iterated his concerns for education rather than punishment. In an article for the Guardian, the former government health advisor posed the question about whether or not the club’s closure will make death’s less likely. “Unlikely”.

As with all controversial incidents that include behind closed doors decisions, various reasons for the closure have been appearing. Theories which are proving popular include those suggesting a money starved council had a long term ploy to see fabric off. Another uncanny coincidence is the recently reported £200 million redevelopment of the site opposite fabric, which is reportedly where the Museum of London is being relocated. 

In the meantime, flowers are being laid outside the club, with personal messages like you'd see at the side of road accident. There have been three deaths in this unfortunate case: two lives lost at the hands of drugs, and one loss of a major cultural institution. 

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08 Sep 2016