Protest To Save London's Nightlife

The closure of fabric sparked more than just a feeling of discontent

It didn’t take long for an issue felt strongly online to turn into a matter taken into IRL hands.

A Facebook group with a 7 thousand and growing invited list has been started in aid of saving London’s nightlife community.

Started by five members of the music community, the event calls on those brought together by the common culture facilitated by the night time industries which this week have faced the sharpest kind of blow.

The event states:

We need to protect the sacred place where we gather, where we feel alive & where we fall in love. The places where we release our energy and where it gives us the motivation to go back to work on Mondays. The places where we come together as a whole, as a community. The places where we get inspired & the places where we can create. 

Though there’s been no word on location, organisers have allowed time for the dust to settle on the fabric decision, which it has since been announced will go to appeal.

Strong words are mixed with peaceful intention, and support is riding high. Watch this space for details of a way to show in person that you care about what’s happening to our city and its night clubs. 

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08 Sep 2016