Miguel Campbell on 10 Years of Outcross

Before he supports Steve Lawler at Nightowl, we caught up with the Outcross boss.

As Outcross celebrates its tenth birthday, we spoke to label boss, Miguel Campbell, on measuring his success

MoS: What have been the biggest lessons of running a record label?

Miguel Campbell: The biggest lesson for me is that you have to keep going. I have seen so many eras of dance music come and go and many friends & artists come and go with them. I have always just continued to do what I enjoy and release the music I enjoy. This has helped me stay true to my heart and given me the motivation to continue long enough to make the difference. If you do something that you truly love, it will not be a problem to continue with little or no reward. Success is always just a matter of time and effort. I am constantly learning as an artist and building my label to adapt alongside a constantly changing industry but I love what I do and so we keep it moving

What are you most proud of releasing?

I would say that I am most proud of MAM and specifically, the three MAM albums that have been released on Outcross Records. From simple beginnings, Matt Hughes and I managed to create music which captured the hearts of the people around us and in turn, they captured our's. I am very proud of this!

What’s the biggest difference between releasing music now and ten years ago?

The whole release process has become much easier over the last 10 years. Thanks to the digital world, it is now possible to finish a track, do the promotional work and have it up for sale in a number or weeks. This was a much more difficult process 10 years ago and a process which cost a lot more money. I also feel that unsigned music has come along leaps and bounds over the last 10 years. Mainly because computer based instruments and samplers sound so much better now than they did back then. So there is no shortage of quality music out there to release.

What are your plans for the next ten years?

I am really excited myself to see what the next 10 years will bring. We will continue to explore the genetics of house music. Whilst the sound of music continues to evolve, so do my tastes and the tastes of our artists and so I will hold on to the spirit of discovery.

Pick five tracks from the label, and tell us why you’ve chosen it as the track that you’re most keen for audiences to hear.

Funky Fat - "Ride in the City"

This track was a great record for us and has a very unique sound which is loved everywhere I play it. This was the first demo I received from Funky Fat after kicking it with them in their hometown in Brazil. Still one of my favourite releases.

Minota - "Let U Go"

Kiko (aka Minota) is one of the best producers I know and with this record he was able to bridge the gap between disco, house & techno. I played this in all of my sets for a long time and it still goes off every time

Miguel Campbell - "Take A Chance"

This was an unknown track edit from my 'Active Touch ep' which became popular when Jamie Jones discovered it and it was re-released on Hot Natured Re-Rubs. This will always be an emotional track for me as it has a deeper hidden meaning & represents a good time in my life.

MAM - "Crushed Ice"

Should be listened to by the pool with drinks served on the rocks.

Matt Hughes - "Metro Living"

This is a track from the early days and one which also represented a turning point. I remember, before we were popular, being on a boat party in Ibiza when Soul Clap played this track and my friends and I were super happy, it was an amazing moment. This memory will forever be with this track and so I must share this with you.

Miguel Campbell will be supporting Steve Lawler at Nightowl on 24th September, get tickets here.

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Written by Tamara Roper

06 Sep 2016