Apply To Be The Night Czar Now!

£35k for a 2.5 day a week sounds pretty good to us.

Sadiq Kahn’s holding out on his promise to elect a night czar

Because calling him/her the night mayor would have proved far too tantalising, the night czar needs to have “a public profile”, “convening power” and “leadership ability”.

This person needs to be able to cover all bases: working with the police, local authorities and TFL to implement a road map to turning London into the ’24 hour city’ that Sadiq Khan has promised it needs to become.

Another European city which boasts a night czar is Amsterdam, who elected Mirik Milan in 2012. An ex promoter, he describes himself as “a rebel in a suit” and in an interview with Time Out interview calls for housing developers to have more respect for the clubs that help “bring up an area”.

Applications for the London Night Czar will close on Monday 12th of September. 

If you reckon you’ve got it in you, head over here.

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Written by Tamara Roper

24 Aug 2016