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Khen is making his Gallery debut, at Sudbeat on 12th August

Hi Khen, congrats on your Gallery debut at Ministry of Sound. Where were you when you heard the news?

Khen: Thank you! I got the news a while ago when I was at my house and had just gotten back from the studio. It felt amazing! It’s one of those milestone shows and I couldn’t think of a better opportunity than debuting at the Sudbeat Showcase with some of my closest friends. Dream come true.

How did you first come to know Hernan himself?

I met him in Tel Aviv for the first time. He played a club called the Cat & The Dog. It's a legendary place that always host the greatest acts. At that point he had played some of my stuff on his radio show and in his sets. We got to talking and hit it off, which is not so hard since he’s the nicest guy. Our entire crew over in Tel Aviv is close with Hernan and he’s always been very supportive. I’m very lucky.

Why is the ‘Khen sound' suited for his Sudbeat record label?

If I have to describe my sound I’d say it’s a combination of old school melodic and groovy Techno. That style fits very naturally on Sudbeat and ever since Hernan and I met it just made sense for me to do something for Sudbeat. I started off with a track on a compilation and the rest is history. 

We're loving your new EP, Never Lose Your Innocence, on the imprint. What was your inspiration behind these two tracks?

Thank you! The lead track combines really funky drums and heavy bass line with contrasting melody that has an optimistic feel to it. The melody is the heart of it and it feels a little melancholic, but give you a sense of that everything is going to be OK. The response on it has really been great. "Bustan" was born out of a session with some analogue gear. I was jamming on a Roland Juno-60 synth and FB Tanzbar drum machine with no specific idea in mind and the concept for the track was born. When you approach music in a playful and fun way cool things happen.

Guy Mantzur and Lonya who will be joining you in The Box, also hail from Israel. For what do you attribute the growth of electronic music in the country – and this genre in particular?

Israel in general and Tel Aviv in specific has always had a healthy local scene. In the last few years we’ve had more guys than usual be recognised outside of the country, which is great consider how small it is. I think that’s mainly because we’ve all helped and supported each other a lot. All of us, Chicola, Sahar Z, Lonya, Yariv, Eli Nissan, Mantzur and of course Guy J, are very close friends in and outside of the music thing.

As you said, there’s a certain style most of us have in common that goes back to where we’re from. People from Israeli are very warm and welcoming and I think that can be felt in our music even though our styles are still very distinct when it comes down to it.

Will you adapt the performance in any way, to suit the dark and intense surroundings of The Box?

For sure! I try make each of the shows I play memorable and special and with this being my debut London and Ministry show you can definitely count on some surprises.

Finally, your forthcoming set in three words.

Warm, melodic and groovy.

Khen is making his Gallery debut at Sudbeat on 12th August, get tickets here.

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Written by The Gallery

11 Aug 2016