You've Been Pronouncing DJ Names Totally Wrong

Fucked it, fucked it, fucked it.

How do you pronounce Ben Klock?

If it’s anything like how you just mouthed it, you’re probably the reason we’re leaving the EU. 

Ben Klock is in fact pronounced Ben (yeah you got that bit right) Sch-lot-sk. Nothing like that thing you watch when there’s half an hour left of your working day. 

It’s not just him that we've been getting wrong, either. Marcel Dettman? How about Marshall Deadman. Boys Noize? Bot-zee Not-zee obvs, and Paul van Dyk? It's Poole Van Dak to you, you linguistic ignoramus.

Unleash your culturally sound linguist with this video to simultaneously confuse and impress your friends.

Speaking of Paul van Dyk, we've got him coming over in September, get tickets here.

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Written by Tamara Roper

03 Aug 2016