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Malia Obama Goes Raving, And Other News Stories

Gotta catch 'em all on the dancefloor.

All the dance news you missed this weekend, from little POTUS watching Cashmere Cat to the making of Flume's biggest hit

Pokemon Enters The Dance

It’s finally happened. A venue in South London has staged the first Pokémon Go themed ‘rave’, where attendees could expect Pokémon podium dancers, a Pokémon treasure hunt and a Pokémon confetti drop. Advance tickets sold out as the promise of a decent Wifi connection inside a club too weighty to miss out on.


Malia Obama Went To See Cashmere Cat Instead Of Going To The DRC


Speculating about the lives of celebrity children is fun enough when their dad isn’t the President of the United States. Spotted at Lollapallooza in Chicago surrounded by furtively clad Secret Service, Malia Obama watched Cashmere Cat whilst her dad attended the Democratic National Convention, addressing the nation. Perspective.

Shout out to Malia’s non VIP wristband too- can’t imagine any of the Trump kids keeping it that real.


Shapes Has Closed Down A Day Before License Review


Shapes in Hackney Wick has been closed one day before its license was due to be reviewed. The venue’s owner has closed the popular venue due to allegations of a rape at a private sex party run by hosts Kinky Salon back in March. According to reports the club’s owner failed to co-operate with police around the time of investigation leading to “serious concerns” about his ability to run a venue. The club’s last party was held on July 30th. 


“Never Be Like You” Was Written After Flume and Kai Went For A Tarot Reading

Producer Flume has spoken about what it takes to make a hit to the New York Times. He is one of three producers to dissect their musical process in an article that celebrates the work of the producer as artist. Speaking about his track with Canadian singer Kai, Flume let it known that the pair had to get to know one another before “making art". "We walked past this tarot card reading place and were like “Why not?” he writes.


Amazon Wants To Release Noise Cancelling Headphones That Remain Responsive To Noise

Anyone who has to commute on public transport knows the joy of noise cancelling headphones. Blocking out the sound of the guy with the cold is unparalleled satisfaction, until your phone gets robbed as you try and change songs because you didn’t hear them coming. As a way of potentially combatting this problem, Amazon have filed a patent for a headphone which automatically clicks “off” when it notices specific sound patterns- a name call or certain frequencies, for example. It’ll be a while until such things are even granted permission to be made, let alone to buy, so we’ll keep our ears peeled until then. 


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01 Aug 2016