Cerebral Palsy Sufferer Gerald Masterton Gets To Meet Carl Cox

The 47-year-old received VIP treatment and got to meet Carl Cox

Finally, some happy news from Ibiza.


Amongst tales of multi million euro raids and furtive arms deal arrests, the story of Gerald Masterton is enough to restore faith in what Ibiza really stands for.

The forty-seven-year-old from Glasgow needs two carers to help him with his basic needs, so the £5,000 he needed for a two week trip to Ibiza took some sacrifice. With a Facebook campaign and months of saving, he was finally able to head to his spiritual home with two carers in tow.

Carl and Gerald (via)


Gerald’s written how it was music that kept him going through difficult teenage years, and going to see Carl Cox play his final hurrah at Space before its closing was a dream for him. A regular night owl in his home of Glasgow- his carers accompany him clubbing every other week- Gerald was able to meet Carl Cox as well as reconnect with old friends he’d met on the island previously.

“Ibiza is such a nice place, I would move there if I could” he’s said. “Funding is such a big problem so I’ll have to stick to my holidays”. Shouts to you Gerald, may you rave in comfort for the rest of your days. 

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28 Jul 2016