Steve Aoki's Documentary Looks Like A Tear Jerker

The focus of 'I'll Sleep When I'm Dead' will be Aoki's larger-than-life father, Rocky.

Worldwide cake thrower and prolific party enabler Steve Aoki is releasing a film about his life.


It’s been commissioned by Netflix and is let loose on the world on the 19th of August. Entitled ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’, it seems to be more than your regular egocentric DJ doc.


The trailer gives as good as it’s got with clips of cake hurling and massive, pumping crowds, though it soon switches up to highlight the story Aoki really wants to tell: that of his relationship with his dad, Rocky Aoki.


A hugely successful wrestler who founded a multi-million-dollar restaurant chain, Hiroaki or Rocky Aoki immigrated to the States after winning a wrestling scholarship in Massachusetts. After studying and saving, he opened the first of his fourteen Benihana restaurants, subsequently becoming a widely known figure in both sport and business.


One of seven Aoki children, Steve will use the doc as a vehicle to celebrate his father’s life and simultaneously discuss the impact of such a present figure, a man who once tried to sue four of his own children, and who claimed to put business before health and family. 


It features interviews with the likes of Diplo and Devon Aoki (Steve’s half sister) and seems like something we could get behind. Watch the trailer below and see if you agree.


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27 Jul 2016