Exclusive Premiere

Caspa and Rusko 'Fruity Loops'

They're back.

Caspa and Rusko are back, but that's old news.

The pair who took dubstep and turned it on its head nearly a decade ago are back after a seven year hiatus. They're making music, playing shows, and slowly but surely working their way back into our consciousness. 

Does their music sound anything like it did where they left off seven years ago? The boys are still bouncing bass around like a play thing, but there's a undoubtable grime infliction to 'Fruity Loops' that has already ushered Wiley in to spit freestyle over it. See for yourselves. 

Swing back this way tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Caspa and Rusko, where they talk lessons learned and future plans ahead of the release of their new EP. 

The full three track EP, called 'EP 1' comes out on July 29th. Buy it here

25 Jul 2016