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Two People Killed At A Florida Nightclub

News of another tragic shooting in Florida.

News from the past three days, all in one place. 

Two People Killed, 15 Injured At Shooting In Florida

Tragic news is filtering through about a shooting in Fort Myers, Florida. Two people have been killed and around fifteen have been injured with various levels of severity at around 12.30am, in a venue called Club Blu. It is believed a party with several teenagers was being held at the venue. One person has been detained, and the names of the victims have yet to be released. The ages of those injured range from 12 to 27. We will report more news as we have it. 


Stream All The Exciting Sets From Tomorrowland 

The annual EDM onslaught has just left the town of Boom, and for those who were dying to be there but couldn’t make it, you can re watch all the big hitters. Head over to the Tomorrowland YouTube channel for all the goodies and check out our pal Tiesto for size below.

Maceo Plex is doing 10 different themed sets in 24 hours.

Hold on to your schedules, Maceo Plex-fans-in-Ibiza-currently, as the DJ is attempting to break a world record. His plan is to complete ten sets in twenty-four hours, with each venture using a different genre of music to creating a mosaic to capture the “essence” of Ibiza. Sounds similar to the marketing behind Ibiza’s canned air, but hey, we’re not judging.



Shaq O’Neill Plays A Pre Recorded Set At Tomorrowland

Another day, another celebrity DJ! This time big man Shaquille O’Neil took on a set at Tomorrowland, making his debut as DJ Diesel. Videos released of the set show him doing approximately 0 mixing, though the crowd appear to be enjoying themselves immensely. Watch for yourself below.


Seth Troxer’s Auctioning Great Prizes

In the aftermath of his climb of Mount Killimajaro, Seth Troxler has unleashed some excellent prizes for auctioned. The three sets of treats include VIP packages for Eastern Electrics Festival, a dinner for 10 (!) people at his Smokey Tails restaurant in East London and “around two dozen” of his own personal vinyl. The latter is currently being bid on for over a grand, so get your pennies together if you want to win. 



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25 Jul 2016