Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Dance Music

With this handy interactive map.

Prepare to waste a few hours down the electronic music genre rabbit hole

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the myriad of different electronic music genres. We've got to a point where there's just so many that being able to affirmatively state the difference between Noizecore and Terrorcore is a thing of the past.

Luck then, that somebody has went out of their way to create this electronic music map, complete with audio samples of tracks from each genre, plus a layman's (and very funny) description of each and every genre.

By the looks of the graphics, the map's a little dated, so don't expect to find Simponswave or Sea Punk on there, but as a road map for non-internet music, it can't be faulted.

Have a play on the map here and read some of our favourite descriptions below.

On Trance: "Trance is the most emotional genre. It can make you cry, make you shout, make you cheer, and make you celebrate absolutely nothing of substance expect pure, ecstatic bliss."

On Garage: "Scientists have yet to figure out what makes its spin-off genres 2-step/UK and that godawful 'speed' stuff relate to actual Garage, since they've both been disowned from conception."

On Tech House: "You'd think that a hybrid genre combining the best qualities of House and Techno would be totally rad, but it's actually not. Tech House comes out mostly as dull monotonous drone.

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Written by Matthew Francey

20 Jul 2016