Ibiza's Air
Is Being Sold In Souvenir Cans

“Pure and virgin air” can be yours for just €5.90.

The latest business idea to come out of Ibiza might be its most lucrative yet

Aire De Ibiza is the brainchild of Gianluca Pomo, an Italian ice cream seller who has started to sell sealed cans of Ibiza’s air for €5.90 a pop.

Calling their new goodies “Aire de Ibiza”, the cans are filled with what is described 'pure and virgin air’ canned at source. Not only are they impossible to open, they appeal to the calorie free, diet conscious crowd by claiming to have no additives or gluten.

Upon realising their luck at being able to breathe such clean air (one would assume they were far from the light pollution of San An or Bossa) Pomo came up with the idea with fellow entrepreneur, José Antonio Fernández. “We decided to seal the air in a container so that whenever you looked at it, you remembered that moment”.

With the euro sitting comfortably on the pound, a sealed can of Ibiza’s deliciously free CO2 will set you back about a fiver - still cheaper than a bottle of water in most venues.

According to a statement on their Facebook, “Air of Ibiza is not a project intended for profit”- so you’d imagine the cost of it goes toward the can and the labour of catching fresh air to fill it with...


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Written by Tamara Roper

12 Jul 2016