Nigerian DJ Breaks World Record For Longest Set

He played for over ten days.

DJ Obi played for a staggering 229 hours to cinch the title

Move over DJ EZ as Nigerian selector, DJ Obi has made a 24 hour set a walk in the park by playing the longest DJ set ever. Mixing tunes for a frankly ludicrous 229 hours. Starting on 22nd June, Obi wound up his set ten days later on 2nd July.

His aim was to break the previous record held by Norbert Selmaj who, back in 2014, played for 200 hours in Dublin's Temple Bar. 

In order to complete his herculean task in one piece, Obi was monitored by a medical team and given regular doses of vitamins. Despite all this, the gruelling task still took it's toll as he said he started to hallucinate by days three and four.

The rules stated that he couldn't play the same song twice within four hours, someone must be dancing at all times and he was allowed a five mintue break for every hour. Have a look at how he got on in the video above.

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Written by Matthew Francey

11 Jul 2016