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Daft Punk Released A Windbreaker Instead Of New Music

Also Novelist is heading to Dreamland, Boy's Own are coming to our Birthday and Radar Radio announce Academy program.

Everything that happened in the world of dance music this weekend

Daft Punk Continue To Release Over-Priced Merch Instead Of Music

We love Daft Punk, but it's becoming a bit of a one-sided relationship these days. All we want is some new Daft Punk music, but for the past year or so, all we're getting is a stream of expensive merch. We love the range of goodies their official store and it was something Daft Punk fans were crying out for. But there's just something about this latest batch, maybe it's just us, but we don't know if the world was really crying out for a Daft Punk windbreaker, or a beach towel.


Boy's Own Are Coming To Our Birthday Party

No, not defunct Irish boyband, Boyzone. Boy's Own, the village newspaper of Acid House. The fanzine was setup by Terry Farley back in 1986 and ran until 1992. It played a pivotal in promoting and documenting the early days of the UK dance music scene. To help us celebrate 25 years in the business, we've asked Terry to take over the 103 and bring some mates along with him. Dan Beaumont, Luke Solomon and our very own Justin Berkmann will be bringing their colossal music knowledge to make this a celebration worthy of quarter century of dance music. Get tickets here.

Bugged Out! Reveal More Names For Dreamland

We can't wait to get down to Margate this September for a day of rides, vibes and slides at Bugged Out! In Dreamland. Over the weekend they added to their already impressive lineup with Novelist, Monki, Zed Bias and Wookie. Get tickets here.

A Guy Called Gerald Hits Out At Police

The world was shocked last week when the horrifying footage of the killing of Alton Sterling appeared on Facebook. The video has highlighted increasing problems and tension between US police and the African American community. Understandably frustrated, jungle pioneer, A Guy Called Gerald took to Facebook to denounce the attacks. However his statement caused a sizeable backlash from his fans as many thought it was inciting violence. 

Radar Radio To Launch Academy

If you're a budding young producer, DJ or radio host in the London area, you'd be well-advised to apply for Radar Radio's upcoming Academy. The program kicks off at the end of July and aims to cover a range of industry skills for the city's young creatives. The academy will be held from their Old Street studios and be a mix of mentoring and live experience. Apply to be a part of it here.

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11 Jul 2016