2 Million Euros Has Been Found Hidden In Amnesia

A 17 hour search led to the discovery of large quantities of cash.

You’d imagine that there’d be plenty of hidey holes in a 5000-person capacity venue

After 17 hours of searching it has been reported that authorities, who have arrested the club’s owner and brought dogs to raid the club, have found €2 million in cash hidden in the club.

According to Diario Del Ibiza, who have been at the forefront of reporting the news, police used “pick axes” and other search tools to find money that had been hidden in secret compartments in the club.


News of tax evasion has begun to circulate, as the island’s Tax Agency and Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Team are taking charge of the investigation. Amnesia has yet to make a statement, and its club nights are carrying on as usual.


The story continues.  

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07 Jul 2016