The Comedown Rundown

Police And Ravers Clashed During 7 Hour Standoff

Also Moscow festival Outline cancelled in mysterious circumstances and Deadmau5 announced virtual reality game.

Everything you missed from the world of dance music this weekend

Riot Police Clashed With Ravers In Walthamstow

Three police officers were injured in what's being described as a "seven hour siege" after 500 people turned up to an illegal rave at a former pool hall in Walthamstow. As police tried to disperse the crowd a number of people barricaded themselves in the premises and there are reports that they were hurling stones and billiard balls at officers from a first floor window. When police eventually gained access to the building at 5AM, they dispersed the remaining ravers and made four arrests.


Deadmau5 Launches Virtual Reality Game

Deadmau5 has teamed up with Absolut to produce a new virtual reality game. Users will get a taste of a day in the life of Deadmau5 and get to listen to an exclusive new track, "Saved". Speaking to Billboard, Joel eulogised about the coming VR age, "These two worlds are gonna collide, and when they do - they're already starting to now - it's gonna be a really big thing you're gonna really regret not getting into now at this time, not in the future."

Jamie xx Reveals Video For "Gosh"

The new video from Roman Gavras, who previously directed M.I.A's "Bad Girls" and "Born Free", is set in the Chinese ghost city of Tianducheng. Apparently containing absolutely no CGI, the video follows a group of streetwear clad albinos and a lot of extras. The city was originally built to resemble Paris and the haunting video ends with the lead actor being circled by hundreds of extras under a replica Eiffel Tower.

Moscow's Outline Festival Cancelled

Moscow's music and arts festival, Outline, has been forced to cancel before opening its doors. The event was allegedly deemed unsafe for entry, but ticket holders have been assured they will be refunded. In an official statement the festival claimed that the closure was "due to reasons beyond the control of the organisers". One of the acts set to perform, Magda, has put out a slightly different narrative, however, writing on Facebook that: “This afternoon government officials entered the Outline grounds unannounced and prevented the organizers and workers from setting up the festival’s stages, installations and infrastructure - despite the fact that Outline applied for and received all permits and licenses necessary to throw the event in a legally appropriate amount of time. Due to these unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, the festival was forced to close and was prohibited from moving to other venues in the city.”


Someone Made A Museum Of All Prince's Old Websites

Despite a somewhat chequered relationship with the Internet - try finding a Prince track on YouTube - the iconic artist was actually somewhat of an online innovator. His back catalogue of websites stretches back to long before broadband and he even pioneered a music subscription service in 2001. Now you can look back at all Prince's previous online endeavours with the Prince Online Museum, which launched today.

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04 Jul 2016