Naked Man Stage Dives Neck First At EDC

The EDC Naked Stage Diver is waging a one man war against your weekend regret.

However embarrassing you were this weekend, you definitely fared better than this guy

It's Monday morning after both Glastonbury and Brexit, so there's a pretty high likelihood that you're sat in work, questioning life in between gulps of Lucozade Orange.

If you're suffering form the mother of all prangovers, don't worry, because no matter how much of an embarrassment to yourself you were at the weekend, you undoubtedly fared better than the subject of the video above.

Here we have a full naked man, who somehow managed to get on stage at EDC, one of the biggest music festivals in America. Once he was up there he decided - as you would - that a stage dive was probably in order.

Unfortunately for our birthday-suited hero, he needs to work on his diving form and rather than gracefully gliding into the crowd, he lands neck first in the photo pit. The video cuts out before you can determine if he's properly injured himself. But even if his body came out undamaged, his pride has surely taken a knock.

So if you're feeling delicate in work this afternoon, have a watch of the above and take comfort in the fact that it really could be a lot worse.

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Written by Matthew Francey

27 Jun 2016