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Figures from across the dance music world have been taking to Twitter

This morning DJs across the country awoke to hangovers and the news that the United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union. 

Quite what this means for the whole country is still anyone's guess, but without a doubt the dance music community has been overwhelmingly pro-remain. As the news set in, DJs, as they are wont to do, took to Twitter en mass to voice their reactions.

Opinions ranged from shocked

to angry

to ashamed

to confused.

(For a detailed explanation of Brexit Vs Breakfast, you should watch our video)

It wasn't all doom and gloom, well I mean it definitely was - the pound tanked and everything, but on a lighter note we did get some top Twitter jokes.

Highlights came from Artwork


and Hotflush

But perhaps the biggest silver lining came when Stormzy declared his 2020 Prime Ministerial bid.

It wasn't long before #StormzyForPrimeMinister started trending

And early polling is looking good. 

We can do this! #Merky

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Written by Matthew Francey

24 Jun 2016