We're Throwing
A Party For
David Cameron

Free entry to all dressed in pig related costumes.

Oink oink

It's been a shit show of a day for Britain and the political powers who’ve reduced us to the disappointed state we find ourselves in.

The one thing we’re taking out of today is that the only to get over the omnishambles is to get right under it, and by that we mean to throw a proper good knees up to take our mind off things.  

We’re clutching at straws for reasons to celebrate, but we figured the resignation of top porker, David Cameron, was as good an occasion as any. So to coincide with the stepping down of our erstwhile PM, we’re dedicating our entire Halloween to him. Halloween costumes are encouraged: those dressed in anything piggy related will be awarded with free entry.

Dave’s so keen on the idea that he’s actually written an open letter, specifically for the Facebook event! 

Keep checking here for updates - we all need a reason to keep happy.

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Written by Staff

24 Jun 2016