The Comedown Rundown

The New Major Lazer Video Harnesses All Of The Feels

Top notch visuals from Major Lazer and sad news for Carnival veterans in London.

We'd hope you were too busy actually dancing this weekend, so as usual we’ve rounded up what you missed by way of music news

Major Lazer’s "Light It Up" Video Absolutely Bangs.

"Light It Up" has been riding around playlists since what seems like forever. Just as we were managing to rid our brains from its insatiable horn riff, back it comes with a new video. Made by Method studios, it’s a texturised free-for-all of wiggling, shaking and fluffy body rolling that’ll make you feel all tingly inside - just like stepping back into the Early Learning Centre.

Berlin’s Clubland Under Threat 

The Berghain famously stands alone on the banks of the Spree, part of a deserted wasteland whose anonymity is under threat from a development that will see the area turned into an “entertainment district”. Imagine queueing up at 10am on a Sunday only to find yourself within reaching distance of a family who've decided to go bowling. Enough to make the blood run cold. More bad news has come for another area of the city, as a railway yard in the Friedrichshain area is reportedly going to be turned into a ‘commercial development’, which is what sounds like a new Whole Foods and designer boutiques. Still a long way off London's dizzy heights of gentrification, but a grave warning nevertheless.


Founder Of Notting Hill Carnival Dies Aged 90

Sam King, the first black mayor of the London borough of Southwark, has died aged 90.  He was famed for founding London’s now legendary Notting Hill carnival, a street festival that has grown into the biggest of its kind in Europe. Launched in 1964, carnival takes over the August bank holiday, and gives the chance for DJs from all walks of life to celebrate in the open air of West London. Jeremy Corbyn has said that “Britain is a better place” because of Sam King and his family, a man credited for bringing Caribbean culture to the UK.



Fan’s Grandparents Push The Button At EDC

Ah, the showmanship of dance music. Flashing lights and fireworks and opportunities for the audience to burst into tears and/or flames at any given moment. Above and Beyond’s ritualistic ‘pushing of the button’ before the drop on their track ‘Sun and Moon’ is one such display of this musical high drama- last year they got Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston on to do it at EDC. This year, a festival goer’s grandparents were summoned on stage to complete the accolade, thus proving that “everyone loves everyone” when it comes to EDM music. We say poor them, but 1 million streams on the video seem to disagree. Watch it here.

Kaytranada Calls EDM Collaborations 'Boiled Chicken With No Seasoning'

In one of the aptest take downs of the state of music in 2016, Canadian producer Kaytranada has criticised poor EDM-Pop crossovers, likening them to flavourless chicken. Though he stated on Twitter that his views weren't being levelled at the likes of Rihanna and Calvin Harris, Kaytra made the point that there has been little evolution in the formula since 2011. We don't quite agree - the latest Ri x Calvin release is a far cry from "We Found Love" - but it's good to see someone from the industry picking holes. Especially someone whose debut album has impressed pretty much everyone whose heard it. 


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20 Jun 2016