The Comedown Rundown

EDM The Musical Is Coming

Also: Richie Hawtin stands up for laptops, Erick Morillo spills the beans and Diplo implicated in 'death' of Jack Black?

Some serious news, some ground breaking, some completely insane. It's the Comedown Rundown!

Richie Hawtin Stands Up For Laptop DJs

Disagreements between DJs are cropping up all over the shop as Richie Hawtin and Seth Troxler discuss the necessity of using a laptop during a set. It comes after an LA nightclub have banned DJs from using them with the sharp instruction of “don’t come to work in training wheels”. Hawtin has called the ban “a step backwards” and “ridiculous”, though Troxler has stepped up in favour of the motion, suggesting that using a laptop stops DJs being DJs and turns them into performers.


Erick Morillo Opened Up To Pete Tong At IMS

The full interview between Erick Morillo and Pete Tong from last week’s IMS is available to watch on YouTube. The thirty-minute recording includes the legendary DJ discussing his previously “unbearable” health problems, including an addiction to ketamine that became so dangerous he nearly had to have his arm amputated. Watch the video below.

Erick Morillo will be playing M25 festival. Get your £25 ticket here.

Sisterhood will be the first female only area at Glastonbury this year.

Featuring all women performers, staff and security, it will also welcome trans, intersectional and disabled guests, as well as all people who identify as women. The line-up has yet to be announced but ladies, we’ve been promised DJs who’ll be playing “disco, bass, pop, riotgrrl, punk and funk”. We’ll be keeping an eye out and reporting back when we know more.


Because We Are Your Friends wasn’t enough, there is now an EDM musical coming.

Split into 12 (?!) episodes, the series will be called Pulse and will feature on Verizon Go90, a video app that apparently nobody has or uses. The storyline centres around American expats in Berlin who fall in love with the city’s “seductive club scene”, and the series has been described (by its creators) as a “lush and provocative EDM musical”. Excuse us whilst we go and throw up on ourselves.


Diplo Implicated In 'Death' Of Jack Black

After being pictured with Diplo in Germany, an announcement went out on Tenacious D’s Twitter feed that Jack Black was dead. It has since been confirmed to be rubbish - Jack Black is alive - with the account saying that it had been hacked. It doesn’t dispel the glorious image of Jack Black and Diplo drunk and giggling as they send a misspelt death tweet to 150 thousand people. 


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Written by Tamara Roper

06 Jun 2016