Dirty at Thirty
Happy Birthday Skream

30 of Skream’s best moments on his big birthday.

Happy 30th Birthday Skream!

May your next 30 be as wild, successful and messy as the last three decades. In commemoration of this great age, we bring you thirty reasons why we love Skream.

1. He crowdsurfed during "Killing In The Name Of" at an Outlook Boat Party, leaving Sgt Pokes to take over

2. He produced the first track to make a cross over between grime and dubstep

3. He's often seen supporting society's finest, including Tulisa:

4. And Nigella:

5. He put La Roux on the dubstep map, paving the way for the likes of Katy B

6. He was part of one of the most enviable group of musical mates of the decade

7. He's forever championing young talent, seen here in Disclosure's first Boiler Room session in 2012

8. He turned up to play FWD in a limousine, because the hire fare was cheaper than a taxi

9. He's forever bringing music to the masses, like when he took us around London in a rickshaw

10. He dodged Diplo by avoiding his calls, causing Wes to blog about it

11. The time he threw, played and got kicked out of his own birthday party

Skream's birthday bash, 2010

12. He decided to ditch dubstep and mix it up, to great success

Highlight: "I Wanna Be Your Lover" (Dmitri From Paris remix) right at the very end

13. He smashed a garage set at the top of the Olympic twizzler

14. He won a dutty wine competition at Carnival then fell asleep in a sound system speaker

15. Breaking his leg, but still making music regardless

15. Breaking a leg, and still playing a show despite a fuck off cast

16. He teamed up with a heap of other DJs and had the audacity to call themselves J.E.S.u.S

17. "Skream and Benga make Noel and Liam look like pussies"- Annie Mac

18. He teamed up with Benga and Artwork to form Magnetic Man, reaching No.5 in the UK Album Chart

19. Touring Magnetic Man reportedly got them banned from playing Benicassim, due to a 200 strong stage invasion

20. He taught us the one golden rule of partying (go as hard as you can)

21. His stories continually put our drunken antics to shame

22. He's always been a great pal to his mate Benga, whose had some tough time of late

Here's the two of them looking lovely after co-presenting Skream's Radio 1 residency show. 

23. He dropped out of school to release records at the age of 13 

24. He headlined Rinse's 20th Birthday at our club

25. He confronted his critics in the most Skream way imaginable

26. He was one of the first DJs to speak out about EDM

27. He was so determined to be taken seriously in the worlds of house and techno he used to play for free

28. He's been putting out a stream of grade-A bangers recently

29. On tour, he's always respectful of the local culture

30. He's always up for a lovely time

Happy Birthday Skream!!

Skream will host the Skreamism stage at Eastern Electrics on 6th August, more info here

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01 Jun 2016