Mylo's Back
With Three
New Tracks

It's been twelve long years since Destroy Rock & Roll.

He'll be previewing three new tracks every week throughout summer

Once upon a time Mylo was one of the most exciting new artists in the UK dance scene. When he arrived with his full length debut, 2004's Destroy Rock & Roll, all five singles placed in the UK Single's Chart.

But once 2006 rolled around the Isle of Skye producer went a little quiet. Indeed the last we've heard of the "Drop The Pressure" producer was a mix CD on the cover of Mixmag, unfortunately titled The Return Of Mylo.

But just last week he broke his near seven year silence by uploaded a message to Facebook along with a two minute preview of new material. In the message, Mylo said that he'd be uploading three new previews per week for the foreseeable future.

It's time to get excited, this could be the biggest comeback since Christ. You can read Mylo's statement in full and listen to the first three previews below:

"Introducing… TRANSMISSIONS (from the archive) project

Thanks everyone for still following after all this time … this summer I’m going to be previewing three bits of new music a week, please like and share (if you like - you’re all I have… )

I’ll be hanging around in the comments to take abuse too" - Mylo

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Written by Matthew Francey

31 May 2016