Dillon Francis Creates Spoof DJ Talent Show

Watch the first episode of 'DJ World' here.

Hopefully this will put Simon Cowell off the idea for good

Last summer we brought you the somewhat unwelcome news that a host of x-factor style DJ Talent shows were in development. The dance music community were understandably aghast at the thought of Simon Cowell rolling out a succession of stag party DJs on ITV, but luckily the promised wave of dire shows never fully materialised.

While DJ Arch Jr managed to nab the top prize on South Africa's got talent, Cowell's fully fledged DJ talent show was cancelled shortly after. Then Tiesto's effort - the 7UP advertising vehicle, Your Shot - went largely unnoticed. (for anyone who's wondering it was eventually won by a DJ called Samtrak - who currently has 207 followers on SoundCloud).

As the dust settles on the DJ Talent show bandwagon, it looks like the people responsible for commissioning these things have finally realised what a terrible, terrible idea this sort of show would be.

So it was with great relief that I read that Dillon Francis has created his own spoof DJ Talent show. Dillon has long been regarded as one of dance music's biggest jokers - just look at the website where you can pay him to a variety of weird things - so if there's one thing that should finally end serious talk of DJ talent shows, its this.

Dillon's show, titled DJ World, will run for seven episodes and features the star playing a number of fictional contestants, alongside OWSLA's Getter and Vine star Nick Coletti.

Check out episode one above and look out for following episodes every Monday and Thursday on Dillon's YouTube.

Written by Matthew Francey

25 May 2016