Vice Explore The Illegal Rave Scene In New Film
'Locked Off'

Locked Off follows the young ravers using complicated squatting laws to throw parties around the country.

An eye-opening look at the UK's illegal rave scene in 2016

As more than half of British nightclubs have closed in the past decade and more and more clubs in the capital are being knocked down to create luxury flats, it can sometimes feel like the dance music scene is being pushed further out of the mainstream - even while electronic music dominates the charts.

In a new film from VICE, Clive Martin investigates how club closures, heavy handed policing and complicated squatting laws have nurtured a new illegal rave scene both in the nation's capital and further afield.

The film introduces us to a number of characters involved in the scene, including a 22 year old who specialises in finding locations for raves around London and was the brains behind the right to party demonstration in East London a few months ago.

Watch the film in full above and check out an interview with the rave fixer, here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

24 May 2016