Is This The Biggest Nightclub Fail Of All Time?

Over the weekend a man in Wigan took nightclub fails to a whole new level.

It's safe to assume he's barred for life

Over the years, we've seen a lot of things go down on dancefloors around the world. One could argue the whole human experience plays out on the carpeted dancefloors of provincial nightclubs around the country each and every weekend.

We've seen love, loss, heartbreak, friendship, vomit, euphoria, fights, flips and people of shapes and sizes, but we've never, ever seen this before. Over the weekend an unknown man in Wigan's Reflex nightclub made clubbing history, as he became the nightclub fail to end all nightclub fails.

That man was caught - on camera - dropping a turd on the dancefloor.

You can watch this historic moment, in shaky, portrait mode footage here

So what happened to this bar-setter, this maverick, this dancefloor dissenter?

Well, he got thrown out by his neck, with "shit all down his leg".

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Written by Matthew Francey

23 May 2016