Daft Punk, Kanye, Hudson Mohawke In Assassin's Creed Movie Trailer

A surprisingly on-point music choice for a video game movie.

Are we about to see the world's first watchable video game movie?

OK, so Daft Punk, Kanye and Hudson Mohawke aren't actually in the trailer (what kind of movie would that be, anyway?), but the track they made together, Kanye's humbly-titled "I Am A God" features prominently.

Assassin's Creed has become one of the most popular video game franchises around, so it was no surprise when they announced a feature film was in the works. What was surprising, however, was the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch the lead role, a move which threatens to break the custom of video game movies being godawful.

The use of Kanye's twisted Yeezus material in the trailer goes even further to demonstrate that this film might actually be worth watching.

Assassin's Creed hits cinemas on 21st December.

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Written by Matthew Francey

19 May 2016