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Gabriel & Dresden: Six Tracks For Six Hours

Ahead of their six hour classics set at The Gallery this Friday.

As Gabriel & Dresden gear up for their six hour classics set at The Gallery, they've picked six tracks for six hours

In October of last year, Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden collectively orchestrated an open till close solo session in The Box – a six hour journey which many considered their best ever. Back by popular demand and after the immense feedback for the previous show, G&D return for round two – all night long. Classics only.

In aid of this occasion we got Gabriel & Dresden to select six poignant tracks – each of which represents an hour of Friday’s extended set in chronological order. From lush and sweeping strings through to those intense melodies and uplifting synths, it demonstrates perfectly the musical progression that G&D perfectly executed last time around.

HOUR 1: Gabriel & Dresden feat Scarlett Etienne - "Eleven"

G&D: One of the three instrumentals from our eponymous album, this track is one of the most different songs we ever created. Taking production and writing cues from DJ Scarlett Etienne, who at the time was a very underground techno DJ, we borrowed her Roland 909 drum machine and techno expertise and went to work. Once we got the beat rocking, we fired up our trusty Moog Voyager, which is where all the squirrely synth work came from. This track never fails to get the party started right.

HOUR 2: Depeche Mode - "Here Is The House" (Gabriel & Dresden Bootleg)

One summer afternoon in 2003, we were bored and needed something to do. Something that would be fun and wouldn't take a month or two to finish. So we loaded up one of our favourite songs from Depeche Mode's "Black Celebration" album and went to work. Little did we know that this one day project would be something that we'd even be talking about 13 years later, but here we are, and of course, in hour two, guns blazing.

HOUR 3: Gabriel & Dresden - "Arcadia" (Organized Nature)

Truth be told, when we heard Michael Burns' tune "Forwards" we were very inspired. With the funky arpeggio bass line and trancey chords, we were hooked. So when it came time for us to make a song in March of 2004, we took this inspiration into the studio with us. And out came "Arcadia", which ended up being a landmark tune in progressive house at the time. Everyone from Armin to Tiesto used it on their mix compilations and to this day, our fans sing the melody line in the breakdown.

HOUR 4: Oakenfold Ft. Carla Werner - "Southern Sun" (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix)

Great remix packages become legendary when there are more than one mix that DJ's gravitate to. In the case of "Southern Sun", there were two huge versions that got maximum play. One, a very trancey version from Tiesto and the other was our "Unplugged Mix" version. This remix was kind of a landmark for us, as it was the first time we pulled in our Fender Jazz Bass for the bass line. That was the major hallmark of any of the "Unplugged Mix" versions we did, when the bass was played live.

HOUR 5: Armin Van Buuren Ft. Gabriel & Dresden - "Zocalo"

One of the first DJ's to believe in Gabriel & Dresden was Armin van Buuren. His label Armada was practically founded upon our song "As The Rush Comes" (it was one of their first-ever releases). So it should have been no surprise that we would end up collaborating. Our first attempt at a collab happened in September of 2003, but that one ended up on the scrap heap. So in 2005, after Armin had rinsed our song "Arcadia" for a whole year, he came up with an idea: a trancier take on "Arcadia" complete with Fender Jazz Bass, soaring chords with a memorable melody. And that's exactly what we made.

HOUR 6: Sarah McLachlan - "Fallen"

When all is said and done, this is probably the remix we are most proud of. We were huge fans of Sarah McLachlan, since the beginning in 1989 and her "Touch" album. When we got the call that we were going to remix on of her songs, we nearly died. It was September 2004 and Josh had just returned from a great week at Burning Man, and before he could wash the mud off his clothes, we were knee deep in completing this remix. What started out as a mid-tempo ballad became what we made of it, and end of night stormer that takes you through highs and lows. Just what great dance music should do.

Gabriel & Dresden will be playing a six hour classics set at The Gallery on Friday 20th May, get your tickets here.

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Written by The Gallery

17 May 2016