Danny Dyer
Might Appear In
Human Traffic Sequel

Nice One Bruva.

The actor could be bringing back his most beloved character

Over seventeen years since the cult classic first hit our screens, the long rumoured sequel has finally been confirmed. Filming is reportedly commencing on 15th September. The sequel will apparently take place in Ibiza, but scant other information has yet been released. For the moment fans are still in the dark about the plot, cast and release date of the much-requested sequel.

That is until today when Loaded Online tweeted about the sequel. Tagging Danny Dyer, they asked if the original cast will be returning. Danny, who played fan favourite, Moff replied stating: "Moff. One of my favourite characters ever. That's all I'm saying on the matter. ;)"

This seems like the strongest evidence yet that Danny and hopefully the rest of the original cast will be returning.

Moff and hsi signature catchphrase "Nice One Bruva" played a big part in helping to Dyer's career. Since Human Traffic he went on to star in hit British films such as the Football Factory and The Business.

He's probably best known now for appearing in Eastenders and trying not to shit himself while he knocks about with gangsters for Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men, so hopefully he'll be grabbing the chance to return to the big screen with both hands.

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Written by Matthew Francey

16 May 2016