Ibiza Introduces €750 Fine For Drinking Water

Another blow for common sense in The White Isle.

As if paying a tenner for a bottle of water wasn't bad enough

Like living in London, one of the most frequent phrases used when discussing clubbing in Ibiza is "ridiculous expensive". Club entrance fees, taxis, flights, hotels, drinks and food all conspire to make that week on The White Isle cost a small fortune.

And while it's true Ibiza is one of the pricer destinations, it was always a truism that if you really wanted to do it on without breaking the bank, you could always really on the tried and tested Brit tradition of the pre-lash to keep costs down.

Unfortunately even this glorious ritual may be under threat this summer as officials in San Antonio have juts passed a bill banning the consumption of all drinks in public spaces.

That means road beers, tinnies and swigging spirits are all banned from the streets of San An. Revellers who break the rules will face a fine of up[ to €750.

That, in an of itself, isn't so bad - street drinking has long been banned in huge swathes of the UK, but it's always been possible to get around that pesky no open alcohol on the tube rule with a bottle of Lucozade and some Smirnoff.

But unfortunately the San An mayor is wise to our tipple tricks and has extended the ban to include ALL DRINKS. That's right, under the new rules if you're caught drinking ANYTHING on the streets of San Antonia, the police are legally allowed to fine you the price of a package holiday.

The mayor attempted to justify the measure with the following statement:

"The aim is to avoid having groups of young people drinking in the street and causing a nuisance. Besides, the local police cannot tell just by looking if a glass has alcohol in it or not.”

And while it's hard not to admire his attempts to clean up the streets - we've all seen too many episodes of Ibiza Uncovered not to realise this was a long time coming - it does seem short sighted indeed to ban the consumption of any liquid in a place where temperatures regularly exceed 30 degrees.

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Written by Matthew Francey

05 May 2016