McDonald's Are Turning Diners Into DJ's

Tech house with a side serving of fries.

Has the Netherland’s been the birthplace of the most EDM DJs?

Yay or nay, it’s managed to pop out a few of the biggest names out there, born from a nation who love good times, big drops and are the purveyors of some of the highest grade illegal substances in the world.

Which is maybe why McDonalds, with their keen eye for a prime marketing opportunity, have ‘partnered’ with the country to create ‘McTrax’- a placemat that allows diners to create music with a side of fries.

The regulatory paper placemats double as a MIDI controller, inbuilt with a circuitboard small enough to sit under your Chicken Selects without getting oily. The 26 digital touch points are connected via Bluetooth to a smart phone, where via an app you can make beats and even record vocals.

It’s nice to view McDonald’s as anything other than a place where bad decisions are made - so we can only hope that these magical beat making placemats come over to the UK sometime soon.

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Written by Tamara Roper

04 May 2016