Alesso Gets A Bad Body Double In
"I Wanna Know"

The producer enlists Nico and Vinz on 80s sounding new track.

Proving he’s the only person who can rock that hairstyle, Alesso enlists a body double to play a hapless stuntman in the video for "I Wanna Know"

The story-led video tells the tale of an Alesso-a-like who stars in a movie where the DJ (naturally) takes centre stage. Amid gun shots, milkshake slurps and a strong whiff of 80s nostalgia, Alesso 2.0 falls for the film's leading lady.

Not Alesso

The sad news is that our damsel in distress only has eyes for the real deal - that dodgy wig isn't doing it for her it would seem. It’s a soppy tale shot brilliantly by Colin Tilley, director of Nicki Minaj’s "Anaconda" and Kendrick Lamar’s award winning "Alright". Special effects take centre stage as Nico and Vinz’s honeyed lyrics pour over a notably pop sounding Alesso - is he hammering another nail into EDM's coffin?

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Written by Tamara Roper

28 Apr 2016