Electronic Music Festivals Banned In Argentina

The measures come as a response to five drug-related deaths at Time Warp Buenos Aires.

The Mayor of Buenos Aires has announced a major shift in policy that will have big implications for Argentina's dance music fans

The capital of Argentina will no longer be issuing permits for major electronic music festivals after five people died of drug-related overdose at last weekend's Time Warp event.

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, the mayor, said the measure would stay in effect until the city approved a law to prevent drug abuse during music events. it is not yet clear what this new law will require of festival organisers, but it'll probably require more stringent searches and security measures.

While the safety of attendees should always be paramount, in the past we've seen that such knee jerk reactions by legislatures often harm the music community without actually addressing the causes of the harm.

The South American version of Germany techno festival, Time Warp, took place on 15th April in Buenos Aeries for the third year in a row. Festival-goers have claimed they were often offered drugs including ecstasy, LSD, poppers and cocaine.

After fine people died of suspected drug overdoses and a further four were hospitalised, the second day of the festival was cancelled.

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Written by Matthew Francey

26 Apr 2016