Like Mike
Filmed Hitting Fan On Stage

A fan who snuck on to the Tomorrowland Brazil main stage got more than he bargained for.

More bad PR for DJ Mag's No.1 DJs

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have had a bit of a rough time since their controversial topping of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs List back in October. Their position as the No.1 DJs in the world was widely lambasted in the dance music press, as any potential talent was overlooked when it emerged that they had sent teams of iPad-armed women around Tomorrowland to encourage attendees to vote for the duo.

After the anger simmered down, the Belgian brothers attempted to make amends by introducing a 'old skool vinyl only' segment to their stadium shows. This generally fell flat as many saw it as a desperate and long overdue stab at credibility, that felt shoehorned at best.

Miami Music Week didn't treat the duo any better as they were reportedly refused entry to P Diddy's infamous Ultra After parties, despite pleas of "we're the number one DJs in the world".

But now it seems like DVLM might be in for some even more criticism as footage has emerged of Like Mike hitting a fan at Tomorrowland Brazil. While the music press was focused on Coachella's second weekend, the Tomorrowland residents were headlining the Main Stage on Saturday.

A foolhardy fan decided they wanted a closer look at the duo and somehow managed to make it into the bowels of the mammoth main stage. Recording the journey on his phone the fan watches from the sides while the Belgians' dropped a succession of big room bangers.

Finally the unnamed man summoned up the courage to rush the DJ booth and even managed to plant a kiss on Dimitri's cheek. Like Mike didn't take to kindly to the incident and can be seen hitting the fan after security had already tackled him to the ground.

It seems the PLUR touting DJs aren't above dealing out a sly boot when someone's down. 

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Written by Matthew Francey

26 Apr 2016