America's Most Hated Family Are Going To EDC

78 weekend tickets have been bought by the Westboro Baptist Church.

The Westboro Baptist Church have never come across as a particularly PLUR organisation

Famed for heckling the families of the dead, openly slandering gay people and picketing Mumford and Sons gigs, the extreme right Christian organisation have made it their life’s work to scream at people who could really do without it.

Their actions have earned them a Louis Theroux documentary and widespread revile from rational beings across the Northern Hemisphere, but this only seems to add to the fire.

Recent news reports are suggesting that the 75-person strong church have gone in on 78 weekend tickets (no news on who the lucky +1s are yet) for the Vegas leg of Electric Daisy Carnival. Their plans, according to various news sources, as to show up in “full protest mode”.

A spokesperson from the Church supposedly told a news reporter that their issues with EDC ranged from the “rampant drug use” that took place on site to its support of the gay community.

No comment has been made from EDC, and there hasn’t been any official confirmation from the church, though their overly active Twitter feed seems to confirm the rumours with this brightly nauseating post:

Possibly more unbelievable that these people are allowed air time is the part of the story where the Westboro Baptist Church drop nearly $30 grand on 78 weekend EDC tickets, and then drive a 38-hour roundtrip from Kansas to Vegas.

It’s been said that the church spends up to $300,000 a year on travel expenses. Money comes from its members’ salaries - 30% of income must go to the church - and often from lawsuits won over cases where they’ve got one up on the law.

You may have the law on your side Westboro Baptist Church, but society still hates you!

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Written by Tamara Roper

21 Apr 2016