Two DJs Risk It All To Host A Rave In Iran

A new documentary shines a light on Iran's volatile underground rave scene.

Raving Iran is a new documentary exploring the hi-stakes world of Tehran's underground dance scene

The film follows two Iranian DJs - Anoosh and Arash who continually risk their freedom to put on underground parties in their homeland. Sick of hiding from the police and their careers stagnating they decide to organise one last techno blowout in the desert.

The stakes are high as Western music is banned from state-run radio and TV in Iran and just two years ago six Iranians were arrested for dancing to Pharrell's "Happy" in a viral video, each receiving 91 lashes and jail time.

Just as their situation is looking hopeless, Anoosh and Arash receive a phone call and are booked to play at the world's biggest techno festival.

You can watch the trailer above and look out for the film which is currently on a film festival tour around Europe.

15th - 24th April – Vision du Reel, Nyon

28th April - 8th May – Hot Docs, Toronto

5th May - 15th May – DOK.fest, Munich

12th - 18th May 12-1 – Bel Docs, Belgrade

May 26th - 1st June – Iranian Film Festival, Zurich

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Written by Matthew Francey

20 Apr 2016