Festivals 2016

Coachella By Numbers

Breaking down the components of the world's most heavily filtered festival.

As the term ‘Urban Outfitters the musical’ is being banded around to describe Coachella, we look at the components that make up what has very quickly become the most talked about festival of the season.


37% Peacocking

A very British term to describe the very American tradition of showing off. Coachella is an annual peacocking competition, where headlines are made by which performances managed to hook in the biggest guests, and where normal people try and pass for celebrities by wearing knock off versions of the same outfit. Outdoing is the name of the game, from proles right up to celebs. Everyone knows a performance won't get so much as a tweet if it doesn't have a special guest. Jack Ü managed Kanye, Zedd brought out Ke$ha and Disclosure had every other featuring artist they've worked with. Who knows or cares about The 1975 if they didn't get someone out to prop up their performance?

8% Round Sunglasses 

Right angles are definitely not in at Coachella.

29% Actual Music

Before social media and our never waning fascination with famous people, Coachella was the equivalent of Glastonbury when it came to reputation as a music festival. It originated off the back of a gig held in protest of Ticket Master - ironic now seeing how brand partnerships play such a big part in financing the festival - and has seen some of the most important performances of the last 20 years played on its desert terrain. This year, music that slayed but has been washed under a barrage of style blog posts included Sia’s reality bending set, LCD Soundsystem’s long awaited comeback and Ice Cube's West Coast rap reunion.

18% Social Awareness 

You’d think the first festival of the season would be a perfect time for celebrities turned activists to preach the views they’ve been toting all winter, so it’s pleasantly surprising when the likes of Zedd and Run The Jewels prove there’s more to advocacy than a hashtag. Together they presented two of the most youth-supported figures of 2016: Ke$ha and Bernie Sanders. 

Ke$ha performs True Colours

Bernie Sanders' pre recorded message for Run The Jewels. 

9% Taylor Swift 

She didn't even perform?

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Written by Tamara Roper

18 Apr 2016