The Comedown Rundown

Laidback Luke Wrote An Op-Ed About Avicii's Retirement

Also a producer made a trap song with a cactus, Bugged Out announced a new festival and Berlin clubs are doing their bit for charity.

Everything that happened in dance music this weekend

Laidback Luke Has Penned A Heartfelt Op-Ed About Avicii

The veteran DJ with more than twenty years touring experience wrote a heart-felt assessment of Avicii's shock retirement. The Dutch producer first met Avicii via the forum on his production tips website where he encouraged the teenager to keep working on music. Luke went on to release Avicii's first single on his Mixmash label and also invited him to Miami to play his first ever live gig. In the piece, Luke commended Avicii for taking a brave decision to preserve his health and called for a wider discussion into the health of touring DJs.


Berlin Clubs Start Plus1 Initiative To Raise Money For Refugees

Berlin is undoubtedly the jewel in Europe’s night time economy. Several clubs in the city have put into effect an initiative called Plus1, a system where those on the guest list must donate €1 minimum to gain their free entry. The money raised will go towards three charities dedicated to helping the rights and welfare of the thousands of refugees both in and out of Germany. Since its launch in October 2015, Plus 1 has already raised €40,000, and will remain a permanent initiative. We hope it will make its way over to the UK soon.

Howard Marks Dies Aged 70

A man who had undoubtedly faced many comedown rundowns has sadly passed away. Sunday saw the death of Howard Marks, author of Mr Nice and a lifelong campaigner for the legalisation of cannabis. An author, performer and previously incarcerated drug smuggler, Marks was well loved for his wit and charm, having told his stories during talks around the country and performances at Glastonbury.

Bugged Out! Announce New One Day Festival

Bugged Out! In Dreamland will take place on Saturday 24th September at Margate's Seafront. The people behind Bugged Out! Weekender have announced their plans to move into the one dayer sphere with a new event on Margate's historic seafront. Taking place in the Dreamland amusement park, the event will see the regular rogues gallery of Bugged Out! associates joined by some special guests and will feature unlimited free theme park rides for all in attendance.

There's A Producer Making Trap With Cacti

German producer Gourski has released a new track called "Cactus Trap" which features a melody created from samples of him flicking cactus needles. Speaking to Motherboard the producer said "It's totally fun to lay down some ideas and try something you never did before." You can have a look at how he created the track above.

Dance Tunnel In Dalston Is Closing Down

Another club in London has announced its imminent closure. The much beloved Dance Tunnel has announced in a Facebook post that it will shut its doors in August, citing licensing regulations in Hackney as the reason for its closure. The 220 capacity venue has become another victim to the scourge of housing developments. Dance Tunnel was viewed by many as a likely successor to Plastic People, with its intimate and well curated line ups earning it a deserved place in the hearts of clubbers from all over London. It will be sorely missed. Read the full Facebook statement here.

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11 Apr 2016