Skream DJed Around Central London From A Rickshaw

Skream if you wanna go faster: exclusive photos of our rickshaw rave around Central London.

Yesterday lunchtime we teamed up with Eastern Electrics to throw a rickshaw rave in Central London

And who better to play to the people of London than Croydon's first son, Skream. We met him at Oxford Circus for a warm up pint beforehand. He was understandably a little nervous, but determined to bring his A-game for the occasion.

Like any good party it was equal parts chaotic, hilarious and fun. After a bit of a warm up rave outside the Argyll Arms we had a few sharpeners and hit the road. We drove down Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, a bunch of one-way streets, we lapped Soho park before beelining for the BBC.

When we parked up outside Radio One security came over to tell us off for being too loud. "But I work here" pleaded Skream. "I know you do, but they're filming the news next door and they don't care" replied the security guard.

After that we rode down a couple more streets before pitching up, having some celebratory pints and posing for some group photos.

A lovely time was had by all.

Eastern Electrics takes place on 6th August, get tickets and more info here.

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Written by Matthew Francey

06 Apr 2016