DJ Harvey Brings Acid House, Ambient and Afrobeat To Ministry of Sound

It’s gonna be a glorious head fuck.

DJ Harvey’s Dolby sound all nighter has been generating heat for quite some time

As one of our early residents, it's with pride and a tear in eye that Ministry of Sound has witnessed Harvey go on to become one of the most relentlessly respected DJs out there.

Once described as ‘the Keith Richards’ of dance music, Harvey’s still bringing it harder than most of his compatriots, which is why we’re delighted to announce the complete - and fully curated - line up of DJ Harvey and friends.

Reading like the inner workings of the mind of a musical savant, Harvey’s mates are making sure a full musical spectrum is represented outside of The Box. He’s got other dance music originators in tow: Terry Farley (quite literally) helped write the book of rave with his weighty and consistent contributions to house music and the culture he’s helped maintain since the late 80s. Farley will be joined by Maurice Fulton, the nomadic DJ, producer and day dot house music aficionado who speaks softly but will inevitably deliver cuts from his thirty-year career.

Curators and originators will be occupying the club as Harvey picks selectors who have made their contributions in curating music as well as producing it.  Awesome Tapes from Africa and Trilogy Tapes will both be bringing their crates for a showcase of their favourite music. Expect brain bending selections from far flung destinations as you hop from room to room: experiencing a full Dolby sound experience in The Box, afrobeats and glorious house in the 103.

Completing the musical spectrum in The Loft will be Mixmaster Morris and The Orb’s Dr Alex Patterson. Make use of the sofas and take time to absorb the masters of the ambient genre, before returning to the inevitable Harvey led chaos that rages below.

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Written by Tamara Roper

06 Apr 2016