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To Avicii's

There’s been an outpouring of commiserations for the DJ from the music community.

The music world has been coming to terms with the news of Avicii’s retirement

His lengthy open letter, thanking several people and explaining that he’s bowing out to concentrate on “the life of a real person” and making the changes necessary to help him overcome health difficulties he’s been facing.

The poster boy of EDM and an originator of the genre, like it or not, Avicii’s changed the way we listen to music since his breakthrough with "Levels". The music community have since rallied around him the best and (probably only) way they know how: by Tweeting their thoughts. 

Big fans of Darude's (Y) - because who needs emoji's? Darude's just an analogue guy in a HTML world, wishing his colleague well.

Better get used to the loneliness. 

Midland, saying what we're all thinking. 

Dash Berlin, took a break from getting lost in jungles to post that fan pic he snapped in 2011.

Not much to say other than nice contribution. Good job Don Diablo. 

Roadman Steve sends his best.

Oliver Heldens asserting his ~long time fan~ status. 

Shout out Black Madonna - unassociated as it gets but still giving a shit. 

Coke managing to wring out a final drop from their 2k15 advertising budget.

Heartfelt, as always from Mau5.

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Written by Tamara Roper

31 Mar 2016