Club Ticket Sellers To Be Banned From San Antonio

The news will affect the many of Ibiza’s seasonal workers.

Promoting club nights on the San Antonio strip is lucrative work for those who want six months of partying

However, those planning on dedicating summer 2016 to club promotion might have to re think, as Ibiza blog The White Isle reports that San Antonio council is suspending “dynamic advertising”.

This supposedly includes the ticket sellers and PR’s who take to the streets of the town, promoting for clubs like Es Paradis and Ocean Beach. The move has been taken due to yearly complaints from publicans who feel “harassed” by the street vendors who offer discounted prices to club nights.

Ibiza in the 1980s.

Hattie, a PR living on the island says the news is "not very concrete, however could be true" at time of writing, however debate as already started from both sides. Some agree that the crack down is necessary: punters know where to get tickets without being approached on the streets.

Marcus Donnelly, who has spent three years doing street promotion, argues differently. “Banning PR's on the streets of Ibiza is ludicrous. For starters it will absolutely destroy the British worker community and besides, it will be the tourists who will feel the brunt, as they’ll end up paying the highest rate for club tickets, rather than discounted PR rates”.

This is sad news for those who see summer in Ibiza as the chance to become part of a social community, fuelling the six-month party season. Watch this space for updates on when the crack down will roll out.

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Written by Tamara Roper

24 Mar 2016