Diplo, Zedd And Deadmau5 Had A Triple Threat Twitter Beef

When you think about it, DJ Twitter spats are pretty much the same thing as the glory days of WWF.

To celebrate ten years of Twitter, a historic battle of egos played out last night

Diplo and Zedd, in happier times </3

DJs eh? Always getting on their Twitter, having a go at each other. What're they like? Always sat there hammering out shade on their phones in between gulps of Grey Goose. They aught to spend more time crate digging, or in the studio, or blowing up their dinghies, AMIRITE? Yes. I am right.

But, while the sight of fully grown men trash talking and having very public spats can be annoying, it's also really entertaining. In fact, if you really think about it: rich, middle-aged white dudes having fake fights in public to get more rich?

DJ Twitter beefs are basically just the glory days of WWF.

With that in mind we present a triple threat of Twitter Beef. As the stars aligned on Twitter's 10th birthday, the heavyweights of Twitter Beef donned their costumes and oiled up their @s for a historic showdown.

First to the ring we have Zedd. The relative rookie of the group, he's coming hot of the heels of a vicious feud with United States champion contender, Donald Trump. Zedd chose last night's showdown to debut his new entrance theme, the Aloe Blacc and M&M featuring "Candyman".

As Zedd is showboating in the ring, waving at the crowd. "Candyman" is abruptly cut short and the sounds of re-appropriated Bashment fill the arena. Big daddy Diplo in his trademark full white suit bursts through a haze of lazers. The audience have barely had the chance to finish their gasps before Diplo is on the mic trash-talking. He can't believe Zedd has thrown in his lot with evil tag team champs, The M&Ms. He says Zedd sold his soul for a shot at the gold.

The crowd aren't happy with Diplo and rally behind fan-favourite Zedd. Chants of "Where Are U Now" fill the arena. Diplo, a man who has repeatedly turned down cash to stand by his principles, is not phased by the crowd's reaction. 

He shoots the audience a sarcastic thumbs up before grabbing a Zedd sign from a teenage fan in the front row and breaking it over his knee to a chorus of boos.

As the boos reach fever pitch, the arena is plunged into darkness. Suddenly the chimes of an evil organ fill the room and the opening riff of "Ghosts N Stuff" sends shivers throughout the sold-out Madison Square Gardens crowd. Neon green space invaders fill the jumbotron and a mouse eared figure emerges from the darkness. A concerned Zedd flees the ring, but the major stands his ground.

Deadmau5 raises aloft a steel chair with Justin Bieber's face printed on it. Rushing the ring, he telegraphs Diplo. The man in white is down with the Mau5 stood over him. Mau5 raises the mic to his yellow smile and whispers the words "you made a song with Justin Bieber". 

Mic drop.

"Ghosts N Stuff"

The crowd go wild.

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Written by Matthew Francey

22 Mar 2016