The Comedown Rundown

Bloc Founder Pens Ope-Ed, Pisses Everyone Off

Also Innovation In The Snow had it's first outing and Sainsbury's announce move into vinyl.

All the dance music news you missed this weekend

Festival Promoter Writes Article On Comedown, Alienates Entire Customer Base

Bloc founder, George Hull, taught us all an important life lesson on Friday - don't write anything on a comedown. Only a few days after hosting the widely celebrated final edition of the Bloc Weekender, Hull made the bizarre decision to lay into modern dance music in conservative propaganda rag, The Spectator. In the piece, which is titled: "Dull Hipsters In Broad Daylight - why I'm done with today's dance music", Hull spouts the usual 'it's not like the old days' garbage you'd expect from a burnt out raver. So far, so predictable, he then takes a weird turn by attacking safe space policy for making raves too tame for his liking. Apparently he misses the 'good old days' of racism and sexual harassment. But perhaps the most insane aspect of this whole thing is the inexplicable decision to write a piece slagging off the people who pay his bills, for a magazine who's readership will have no understanding of dance music beyond voting for Maggie and her Criminal Justice And Public Order Act.

George, mate - next time just have a Lucosade and a sleep, yeah?

Innovation In The Snow Opens Its Inaugural Weekend In Andorra

With a line up that included Skibaddee, Dillinja and Nicky Blackmarket, we were gassed to be in attendance at the first ever Innovation In The Snow festival. The stalwarts of drum & bass promotion took their finest affiliates to the slopes of Andorra for three nights of sun, ski and deadly drops. Keep an eye out here for our review.

A University Student Has Died After Attending Ultra 2016

The string of tragedies at high profile American EDM events has sadly continued into 2016. Adam C. Levine, a University of Miami student, has passed away in hospital after attending Ultra Music Festival on Saturday night. The university confirmed his death on facebook. Levine apparently died from complications after a seizure. UMF have yet to release a statement about the tragic event.

Sainsbury’s Are Latest Random Retailer to Start Selling Vinyl

First it was Urban Outfitters. Then it was Tesco, then Gap. Buying records in stores where music isn’t the primary focus is becoming increasingly acceptable, and Sainsbury’s are the latest to hop on the bandwagon. The head of music at the supermarket chain has told Music Week that the decision isn’t a fad, instead a “complementary part of our existing music offer with a long term future in stores”. Expect to find David Bowie and Adele parked up next to the bananas from March 21st.

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21 Mar 2016