Hudson Mohawke Threatens To Leak New Kanye

Gwarn Ross.

It seems that it's not just Deadmau5 that's had enough of Mr. West

Last night Scottish hero, Hudson Mohawke, took to twitter to vent his anger at having not been paid for production work. He said that he was close to leaking a file full of unreleased material from Kanye and Drake.

The tweet has now been deleted and he has since taken to Twitter again, to explain that his family and friends had talked him out of releasing the music and that he was only messing around.

He also stated that he didn't want to be unable to release his own music while being tied up in the inevitable court cases that would result from him leaking work by such colossal stars.

Hud Mo has worked with Kanye on a number of projects including his most recent album, the controversial The Life Of Pablo. Kanye has recently made headlines for claiming to be 53 million dollars in debt, so it seems likely that Hud Mo's claims are pretty well founded.

While Kanye has yet to respond, this isn't the first time an electronic artists has called out the rapper. Only last week West locked horns with Deadmau5 in an extended public spat about Kanye's alleged pirating of software.

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Written by Matthew Francey

14 Mar 2016