The Comedown Rundown

The Police Want To Ban Bashment

Also Gareth Emery takes aim at EDM, the night tube is coming and SoundCloud could be subscription only in nine months.

All the dance music news you missed this weekend

The Night Tube Is Finally Expected To Arrive In August

The long delayed night tube, has been confirmed to begin operation this August. In a statement given by Finn Brennan of Aslef, one of the largest unions involved in the night tube dispute, it was confirmed that 24 hour service on the Jubilee and Victoria lines would be rolled out in August, with the Northern, Central and Picadilly lines set to follow in September. 

Skrillex And Jauz Get Glooped In New Video

In the video for "SQUAD OUT" Skrillex and Jauz are transformed into Cartoon Network’ed versions of themselves. They’re repeatedly terrified by a resurrected Fatman Scoop, who has some sort of toilet roll tube for a nose. It’s aggressively colourful, like Sponge Bob with synths, but I guess it’s to be expected from an increasingly more unpredictable Skrillex. 7.8/10 for effort.

Croydon Police Are Trying To Ban Bashment In Clubs

Trying to outlaw a genre of music’s alright, isn’t it? No it definitely isn’t, but Croydon Police are trying to do it anyway, by banning the playing of dancehall and bashment in local clubs. Leaked emails from police to a local club owner have described possibly the most jubilant genre as “unacceptable forms of music”. Club owners have supposedly been asked to make their DJs sign ‘no bashment’ contracts, and accusations of racial profiling have inevitably ensued.

Kim Ann Foxman On Pete Tong

We’re excited to welcome Kim Ann Foxman to The Box as she plays our upcoming Circus night with Kerri Chandler and YOUSEF. The ex Hercules and Love Affair singer now DJ in her own right, Foxman runs Firehouse, her own record label based in New York. Get to know Kim a little more with this After Hours Mix she prepped for Pete Tong over the weekend, billed as the sort of stuff she’d play at a crack on after a big night out. Another favourite, Four Tet, is interviewed at the start, so worth sticking on for the full session - Kim’s on at 2hr.19.

Gareth Emery Trolls EDM With New Video

Trance producer Gareth Emery has been a vocal opponent of EDM culture for a few years now. Back in 2013 he wrote an infamous Facebook post about being approached by a PR company to pay thousands of dollars to ensure a good position on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list. No he's back to take another shot at bottle service culture with his new video for "CVNT5". The video lays into everything from ghost producers, to buying followers to the Forbes DJ Rich List.

You Might Have To Pay For SoundCloud Within The Year

It's been no secret that SoundCloud's been going through a pretty tough time of late. The 2015 copyright purges are still a sore point for DJs and dance music in general. Now it seems that the days of us using it as a free service are numbered as new reports by Digital Music News suggest the service could become completely subscription based in the next few months. Perhaps more than any other digital platform, SoundCloud has been responsible for launching the careers of lots of now prominent, but formerly unknown artists. What effect subscription has on this aspect remains to be seen.

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14 Mar 2016